A new shower screen isn’t just functional. It’s your opportunity to refresh your entire bathroom look and feel. So whether you’re looking to save space in a cosy shower, or want to make a statement in a luxurious new bathroom, Bathroom Surgeon can put you in touch with our preferred shower screen partner.

We can organise supply and installation of:

  • Frameless shower screens
  • Framed and semi-framed shower screens

Ready to give your shower area a fresh new look? Get in touch with us today and we can organise a free quote.

Check out their awesome before and after pictures here and see a full rundown of their services.


Ditch the outdated shower curtain and upgrade your bathroom with a new-look shower screen.

Let’s take a closer look at what each new shower screen option can do for your bathroom spaces:

  • Frameless. A custom-made frameless shower screen gives your bathroom a sleek, contemporary finish. Each one comes in thick toughened glass with fittings that suit your style.
  • Semi frameless. Get the look and feel of a frameless shower screen, at a more budget-friendly price. Sleek and low-profile, semi frameless shower screens have an aluminium channel perimeter, encasing toughened glass for a modern finish.
  • Fully framed. Fully framed shower screens are a cost-effective and timeless alternative. Each piece of toughened glass comes framed in an aluminium channel. A fully framed shower screen provides the greatest water protection, keeping the rest of your bathroom splash-free.


Our grout’s made of stronger stuff. Premium grade Europoxy grout that fixes your leaks and waterproofs your spaces, guaranteed.


When your new shower screen is installed, all the components and silicone need to settle and dry So we recommend you leave the shower for at least 12 hours before using it again.

Our shower screen partner, All Things Glass, provides all-new shower screens for your bathroom fit-out. So we don’t recommend re-using an old shower screen. There’s no guarantee it will fit, nor can you be sure the glass is approved safety glass. Old shower screens can also harbour mould and calcium build-up. As such, we recommend going with a completely new, 100% fresh shower screen.

The best way to enjoy a mould-free bathroom is to keep it as dry as possible. Wiping down your shower screen and walls with a squeegee after every shower can stop moisture build up, which helps to stop mould before it has a chance to grow. You can also keep the bathroom door open after a shower or bath to help dry the room out, and spray and wipe your bathroom walls with a mild detergent every two weeks to keep it clean.

But this isn’t always possible, particularly when a hidden leak is causing mould growth. So if you start to notice any mould growth around your shower screen, give Bathroom Surgeon a call. We can come and identify whether there are hidden leaks causing damage to your home, offer a bathroom and shower leak repair solution, and provide a range of treatment options to kill your mould issue at the source.



Our grout’s made of stronger stuff. Premium grade Europoxy grout that fixes your leaks and waterproofs your spaces, guaranteed.