Shower Repairs in Ellenbrook

Shower leaks can start small, but they create big problems. Ignoring these problems can spell disaster for your Ellenbrook home and may lead to costly renovations.

Bathroom Surgeon offers shower repair in Ellenbrook and the surrounding  suburbs. With 20 years in business, you can count on us to get your shower fixed, so you don’t have to worry about bathroom damage. Call us today for a free quote, and we’ll have your shower working like new in no time.

How to Know if Your Shower Leaks

Knowing how to identify a leaky shower can save you money in the long run. You may think a leak is an obvious issue, but some happen below the surface. When you recognise the signs of potential water damage in your home, contact us for fast bathroom repair services.

Grout Problems

While grout wears over time, some grout issues signal a leaking shower.  If you see cracked or missing grout, it may be allowing water to seep beneath your shower tiles and into your floor. That moisture can create a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

Broken Tiles

Much like cracked grout, broken tiles can warn you that water is in the area behind the tiles. Often, broken tiles accompany crumbling grout, as the tiles have less support. With less support, tiles—especially those on the shower floor—become more prone to breakage.

Cracked tiles can also allow water into the areas beneath them. If you drop something heavy, like a full bottle of shampoo, on a tile and break it, you may open your shower up to a leak.

Mould Growth

Our years in business have shown us that, across Swan Valley and Ellenbrook, mould growth presents one of the most significant problems that accompany shower leaks. As soon as you notice mould in your bathroom, contact us. We can help you remove it, and our shower repair services will keep your space mould- and mildew-free for years.

Paint Bubbles

Blistering occurs when paint loses adhesion to the wall and pulls away, allowing air bubbles to form, which may even have water inside them. Water damage can cause paint bubbles. If you find them in your bathroom, inspect the surrounding area for other signs of shower leaks.


Discolouration can appear in many areas around your shower, including some you may not expect. While you may think to look for discoloured grout or flooring, it can also affect the area below your bathroom. For example, if you notice that your ceiling downstairs has a yellow or brown watermark, it may indicate a problem with your shower on your upper level.

Water Damage

Whether you have a sudden or gradual shower leak, your Ellenbrook home becomes vulnerable to water damage. If left untreated, water damage can lead to corroded pipes, structural problems, electrical damage, stains, and mould growth.

Warped or Swollen Flooring

Over time, as your shower leaks, your flooring may absorb the moisture and warp or swell. You may notice it first in the shower area, but a leak can also affect door frames and other parts of your bathroom. Swollen floorboards and other areas can indicate a prolonged problem or a substantial leak.

Shower Repair Services in Ellenbrook, WA

When you need shower repair services in Ellenbrook and the surrounding suburbs, Bathroom Surgeon will give you a free quote.

We provide affordable services in Ellenbrook, and we always make sure we do the job right the first time. We can repair your leaking shower without renovating your bathroom. When you call us, you know you’ll get courteous and prompt service when you need it.


Whether you have old, cracked grout, or discolouration, contact us for grout replacement services in Ellenbrook. You can keep your bathroom’s current look while subtly improving its appearance, and re-grouting can make your shower look cleaner.

Tile Repair

You may not notice the wear on your tiles over time. However, daily shower use can cause damage and fading. Our services include tile repair and replacement when you need it. If you plan to sell your Ellenbrook, home, most buyers don’t want to worry about bathroom repairs. Retiling your shower can increase your home’s value and make your bathroom look new.

Shower Screen Replacement

A damaged shower screen can allow water to leak onto your floor. Replacing it when you see cracks can prevent more costly damage later.


Improper waterproofing can cause shower leaks and significant damage to your home. Waterproofing seals any areas that may allow water to seep through to other parts of your home. At Bathroom Surgeon, we can waterproof your Ellenbrook home without removing any shower tiles.

Bathroom Surgeon Shower Repairs

Bathroom Surgeon has provided bathroom shower repair services to Ellenbrook and the surrounding suburbs for over 20 years.  When you contact us, you receive:

Prompt Service

No matter where you live in Ellenbrook, our contractors are always on time. You can count on us to arrive promptly and fix your shower fast. We’ll quickly identify the source of any leaks and do our best to avoid disrupting your daily routine.

Experienced Contractors

We’ve been in business for 20 years, providing quality shower repairs. We want our customers to feel comfortable when they contact us, knowing that we’ve worked on all types of problems, from mould removal to tile repair.

Superior Customer Service

Our customer service is among the highest-rated in Ellenbrook. We prove time and again that it’s not just about the quality of the work—it’s about the quality of our people. When you call us, you’ll always receive our full attention.

Free Quotes

We offer free quotes for our Ellenbrook shower repairs services, we’ll assess the damage, talk with you about your needs and expectations, and give you a free estimate based on the extent of the work.

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