Reliable Leaking Balcony Repair Services in Perth

There’s nothing better than enjoying a coffee out on the balcony in the morning, or escaping from the heat of the day under the shade your balcony provides. But too often, your balcony can start to leak.

A leaking balcony isn’t just annoying—it can lead to long-term damage. A leaking balcony can:

  • Start to damage the ceiling underneath, which causes ugly water patches, mould, and mildew
  • Promote the further growth of unsightly mould or mildew, which leads to discolouration of your walls
  • Make your balcony unsafe, leading to serious structural damage to your property, the potential for electrical issues in nearby rooms, or causing the balcony to collapse altogether.

So if you’re ready to fix those leaks, and get your balcony ready for summer, call in Perth’s leaking balcony repair specialists. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

A person measuring floor tiles with a tape measure.


While a balcony is a great place to relax, they come with their own set of problems. Poor construction and a lack of drainage can leave rainwater to build up. This can cause cracks to form, which start to leak. The cement-based grout originally used on your balcony tiles is quite porous, and water can start to seep through—even if you can’t see any visible cracks. Or, over time, natural building movement and a lack of maintenance can all lead to leaks and mould growth in your balcony tiling.


We help identify where and how your balcony is leaking. We locate any cracked tiles, water build-up, signs of moisture damage such as bubbling paint, peeling plaster, rust, lifting skirting or floorboards in adjacent rooms, or building damage. Our FLIR real-time thermal heat enhancement moisture detection device allows us to effectively x-ray your balcony and adjacent spaces, and identify your leaks at the source.

We then strip and replace your grouting with our premium Europoxy grout—long-lasting, hard-wearing grout that we trust to do the job.

At Bathroom Surgeon, we know WA conditions, and our premium leaking balcony repair service has been home-grown to combat Perth’s weather patterns. We come to you and deliver comprehensive leaking balcony repairs that provide you with long-lasting protection against water damage, and leave your balcony feeling fresh, new, and as safe as ever.


Our grout’s made of stronger stuff. Premium grade Europoxy grout that’s robust, long-lasting, and waterproofs your spaces—whatever nature throws at it.


There are a few common causes to a leaking balcony:

  • Lack of drainage. Proper draining is critical in balcony construction, otherwise water pools, mould grows, and cracks occur.
  • Lack of planning. This may not necessarily be your fault, the construction crew building your balcony might not have put the proper forethought into your balcony’s drainage.
  • Lack of maintenance. Balconies are often forgotten about, which can lead to degrading grout, ageing infrastructure, and mould and cracks.

There are some tell-tale signs if your balcony is leaking:

  • You might see cracked tiles, cracked or stained grout, or grout missing in spots altogether.
  • You may notice dark water stains on the underside of the balcony, accompanied by bubbling paint, peeling plaster, or rust, indicating there’s a leak.
  • Balcony doors may become hard to open or close, indicating that the balcony structure has shifted slightly.

The cost of repairing your leaking balcony will depend on a number of factors, such as the size of your balcony, the size of your tiles, the type of tiles required, and the size of the joints to be sealed. The best way to know how much it costs for leaking balcony repairs in Perth is to get in touch with us for a free quote.



Our grout’s made of stronger stuff. Premium grade Europoxy grout that’s robust, long-lasting, and waterproofs your spaces—whatever nature throws at it.