Bathroom Renovations in Perth

Your bathroom gets a lot of use throughout the day, so you want it to be a space that feels right. And all too often, bathrooms are left as an afterthought.

So if your bathroom is feeling tired, if you’ve outgrown your old style, or you simply never liked the look that was there in the first place, a bathroom renovation is just what you need to give it a fresh, new feeling.

As Perth’s Bathroom Surgeons, we’re experts at upgrading your bathroom so that it reflects your style, but has the best functionality for your busy life. Whatever your aesthetic—whether it’s a timeless relaxing bathhouse, a modern contemporary shower, or a place that mixes all your favourite eye-catching designs—we can make it happen.

If you’re ready to give a new life to your bathroom, get in touch with Perth’s bathroom renovation specialists today for a free quote.


A bathroom renovation can be a big job, and there’s a lot to manage. So at Bathroom Surgeon, our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you. We coordinate and manage your complete bathroom renovation from start to finish.

We bring your bathroom back to life—better

We apply a new waterproof membrane to any wet areas, and complete your retiling and grouting so your spaces look brand new again. The standard cement-based grout that’s typically used in your bathroom is quite porous, which means that and over time, water can start to seep through. We choose to use only the highest quality European epoxy grout products to ensure your grout stays waterproof for longer.

We do the dirty work for you

While DIY is a great feeling, it’s a lot quicker, easier, and safer to leave it to the experts. So we undertake your entire bathroom renovation for you. We strip off all the plumbing fittings, tiles, shower screens, and vanities, remove the bath and toilet, and undertake the replastering and re-screeding to any wall and floor areas.

We manage all the contractors, too

We organise all the different tradespeople to come on site, so you don’t have to touch the phone at all. Our plumbers and electricians can fit any new fittings, and we can supply and fit new vanities, baths, and toilets. Our shower screen partner, All Things Glass, provides all-new shower screens for your bathroom fit-out.

We make it easy for you, by organising the right people to attend your renovation, and schedule them at the right times to complete your bathroom renovation as efficiently as possible.

And it’s not just bathrooms…

We provide complete renovations to any tiled and wet areas. Laundries, balconies, kitchens, splashbacks, and more—we’ll help you achieve your dream look.


Our grout’s made of stronger stuff. Premium grade Europoxy grout that’s robust, long-lasting, and waterproofs your tiles, guaranteed.


Not necessarily. If we’re performing a like-for-like internal renovations or replacement of your bathroom, shower tiles, and fixtures, then unlikely you’ll need to get any development approvals.

No, we can organise that for you. That’s part of our promise to manage your bathroom renovation from start to finish.

When undertaking your bathroom renovation, we only need to waterproof the shower recess and bath area.

At Bathroom Surgeon, our aim is to complete your bathroom renovation with artistic flair—and clinical precision. So we pride ourselves in delivering your bathroom renovation in a timeframe that allows us to do the best job possible. Depending on the size of the renovation area, we can typically deliver a bathroom renovation within 2 weeks.

It really depends on your needs, so get in touch with us and discuss your bathroom renovation ideas, and we can start to talk timelines.

The cost of renovating your bathroom will depend on a number of factors, such as the size of your bathroom space, the size of your tiles, the type of tiles required, the fittings you need, the tradespeople required—there’s a lot that goes into getting your bathroom looking brand new again.

The best way to know how much it costs for a bathroom renovation in Perth is to get in touch with us for a free quote.



Our grout’s made of stronger stuff. Premium grade Europoxy grout that’s robust, long-lasting, and waterproofs your tiles, guaranteed.