Our Story

Our story starts back in May 1997. Our founder and owner, Lou, had watched tile regrouting processes change and evolve over time. He realised there was room for improvement—that the tiling and sealing industry needed changing.

And after all, if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing yourself. So Lou founded Bathroom Surgeon.

Bathroom Surgeon is built on our strong work ethic. It’s built on delivering the same high quality of work to every single job and project we complete. We’ve made this possible by utilising the latest innovative technology, and employing only the best technicians in the industry, which we train ourselves.

Proudly family-owned and run, Lou is now joined by his son Rob. Together, they’ve built the business up to be the trusted partner of real estate agencies, builders, strata companies and residential customers all over Perth.

Why Bathroom Surgeon?
We chose the name Bathroom Surgeon because we stand for clinical precision. We don’t do anything by half-measures. Our people are attentive, cooperative, and analytical in how they operate. We’re dependable: you can rely on us to do a top-quality job, every time.

And, honestly, it gives us license to make the odd medical-related pun that’ll have you in stitches.


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